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Getting here

Austrian Open-Air Museum Stuebing
A - 8114 Stuebing
Phone: +43 (0)312453700

By bike

The Austrian Open Air museum is situated directly at the Murradweg and offers a perfect possibility for relaxing.

By coach (Watzke, nr. 130)

Information: Watzke Verkehrsbetriebe, Telephone +43 (0)316 402003
General information for public transport to Stuebing at Verbundslinie!

Graz: train station to Stuebing: 08:55, 12:55
Stuebing to Graz: train station: 13:44, 16:30 (Attention! Change bus at Gratwein)

By train

Train station Stübing plus 30 minutes walk to the museum
For school classes: tractor trip to / from train station Stuebing (max. 35 persons)!
Apllication is necessary!
1 trip: € 35,00
return journey: € 65,00

By car

geographic coordinates: 47.15891352, 15.31533837

or the adress: Gratweinerstraße 132, 8121 Deutschfeistritz

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