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Guided tours

Guided tours (up to 18 persons)  (plus entrance fee) per person   4,50
Flat charge for groups (less than 18 Personen) (plus entrance fee)60,00
Flat charge guided tours in the languages: I, E, RUM, RUS, SLO, KRO ab120,00
Rallye of the museum for adults (up to 20 persons)24,00

Prices for school programms

Guided tour for kindergarten per child (incl. entrance fee)               8,00
Guided tour for schools per child (incl. entrance fee)    9,00
Workshop for schools per child  (incl. entrance fee)    10,50
Rallye for schools (incl. entrance fee)    10,50
Tractor trip to / from the train station
1 trip
return journey