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The Open-Air Museum

The Austrian Open-Air Museum Stuebing near Graz is one of the 10 major and central open-air museums in Europe. As the largest and only national open-air museum in Austria, it displays the formative historical architectural styles of the various federal provinces. In a trip through time right across Austria, the 97 original farm buildings tell the exciting stories of construction, living, working and celebrating - in short, the life of the farming population of days gone by.
As an open-air museum acknowledged across Europe, Stuebing was awarded the UNESCO ICOM seal of quality for museums in 2002. It opens up an authentic glimpse at the roots of the history of Austria by preserving the irreplaceable cultural heritage from six centuries.

Historical  buildings from all over Austria

In the Museum valley, 98 farming objects from the various Austrian provinces and from South Tyrol have been constructed, from which 76 original historical buildings and 21 replicas and reconstructions can be found in Stuebing!
The original historical buildings were dismantled at their original sites and rebuilt in the Open-Air Museum. This process is called translocation.
In the rebuilding process, actually existing objects which – e.g. for reasons of protection of historical buildings and monuments – cannot be translocated, are rebuilt in the Austrian Open Air Museum.
The reconstruction is based upon descriptions in literature and upon oral tradition by informants or other sources, and buildings  are reconstructed in most cases with the help of third persons.