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Special exhibition 2017 "Schuster, Pecher, Ameisler"

This year, the focus is on crafts and occupations in the Austrian Open-Air Museum. Whether Pecher, Lumpensammler or Ameisler - all these activities and professions have been forgotten in the present time or were replaced by superfluous or by machine production.

Experience museum

During this exhibition at the museum grounds, lost professions and crafts as well as the related activities are conveyed through information and active stations in an exciting way. The focus is on occupations in the areas of housebuilding, household etc.

Duration of exhibition:  07/05/ - 31/10/2017

Theme days 2017

The Austrian Open-Air Museum offers the following topics:

23/07/ "Fire, anvil, hammering"
27/08/ "Needle, twine and thimble"
15/10/ "Saying and fairy tales about craftsmanship"