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History of the foundation

Professor Viktor Herbert Pöttler has planned the Austrian Open-Air Museum and built it up in its basic features. The presentation is based on the declaration of the Association of European Open-Air Museums AEOM and the scientific and pictorial commission of open-air museums.

Houses from all over Austria

The Austrian open-air museum with historical objects from all the federal states of Austria should not only be a collection of different buildings, but also offer the opportunity to compare the different types of houses of the individual federal states. The historical buildings are arranged geographically as in Austria from east to west.The 65-hectare museum site itself was made available to the Styrian Foundation.

Time table of development

2014 Constitutive meeting of the new board of trustees

2013 Constituent meeting of the new Board of Directors

2012 Constitutional amendments by the Federal Ministries and Provincial Governors
alleinige Verantwortung beim Land Steiermark wird rechtskräftig ">=> Sole responsibility in the Land of Styria becomes legally binding

1987 Constitutive General Assembly of the Federal Foundation

1986 Founding of the foundation "Österreichische Freilichtmuseum" as a non-profit foundation with the commitment of the sponsors to the curators: 5 Federal ministries and 9 provincial representatives by BM Dr. Heinz Fischer

1985 Opening of the exhibition center and research center for house research

1970 Opening of this Austrian cultural work

1962 Foundation of the association "Österreichisches Freilichtmuseum"

1962 Presentation of the project of a central open-air museum for Austria (36 objects) and confirmation by BMU with the assumption of the Presidency
Basis for obtaining the consent of the Länder

1961 Principle of the decision of the Land of Styria concerning the intention of the general Austrian (central) open-air museum and the provision of the office and the secretariat