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Barns, Winkl near Ebene Reichenau (Carinthia)

Number: 52
Built: 1492
Year of translocation: 1969 

The two three-storey barns have been constructed using timber frame and log construction bigger barn has fodder rooms along the eave side. The barns lie parallel to each other and are located against a slope, so both floors can be entered from ground level via entrance ramps. The The two barns, the stable and the well house are ground around a rectangular courtyard forming an enclosed stockyard. On the ground floor are the stable and cow house. The stabling bay for calves has the manger in the middle of the room, around which the animals were allowed to move freely. Adult cattle and horses were kept in stalls and tethered. The first floor of the barns accommodated the threshing floors and storage for grain crops, straw and hay. The second floor provides more storage space.  The buildings have steeply pitched rafter roofs and are covered with wooden boards.