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Barn and byre of the Wegleithof farmstead St Walburg in Ultental (South Tyrol)

Number: 61
Built: 1877
Year of translocation: 1964

The barn and byre are housed in the same building, with the byre on the lower level and the barn above. To allow carts and wagons to enter the barn directly from the road, the building was built into the slope.
The barn is constructed of logs, with gaps between the timbers to ensure proper ventilation and prevent the build-up of excessive heat in moist hay which was a major fire-hazard.The barn has a shingle-covered pitched roof with closely spaced purlins linking the gable-end rafters. The purlins are not fixed and so are virtually a continuation of the wall construction.

When additional storage space was needed an extension was added at the gable end which uses a timber frame construction.

On the street-side gable wall there is a small memorial plaque. Such plaques were once a common feature of the countryside.