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Alpine hut from Sattental Sattental near Pruggern in the Ennstal Valley (Styria)

Number: 73
Built: 1839
Year of translocation: 1971

The alpine hut from Sattental is very similar in design and structure to the hut from Limmeralm. The hut is built of logs with notched joints and has a log gable. The ridge posts are set on the partition walls and carry the ridge purlin which supports the shingle-covered roof.

The hut has an eaves-side entrance which leads straight into the main room which has an open hearth with a big cheese making cauldron. The main room is flanked by two smaller rooms. One is furnished with shelves which were used to store butter and cheese and on which the wooden bowls with milk were placed until the cream had settled and could be skimmed off with a skimmer.