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As a rule only houses are taken into the museum, which have lost their function in their original surroundings.

Recording the object

In the case of the appropriate transfer, also referred to as translocation, of the historical buildings in the Austrian Freilichtmuseum Stübing, the objects are first drawn up in their original locations in a graphic and photographic manner.
Each individual component of a building is then identified. Only then can the respective structure be carefully removed.


The next step in the process of translating is preservation: before reconstruction in the museum area, damaged parts have to be restored or replaced by good old wood. Woodworms, wood sponges and other pests are to be destroyed by conservation measures.


After reconstruction, the building is fully equipped with all necessary household equipment and equipment.
The preservation or restoration of fireplaces, such as stoves and stoves, is particularly important for the representation of the former living, living and working conditions.
This completes the transaction!