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Customs and work in winter

Deadline: 02.11. - 20.12. , Daily possible, only against pre-registration(Except on 2 and 3 December and on 9 and 10 December)The special guide "Customs and working in winter" gives an insight into the barren and hard life of the past and is a contrast to the glittering, sparkling Advent season in the city. Embark on (time) journey into the past and get an insight into the life and work of the peasants and woodworkers.In the winter, life took place mainly in the smoking rooms. Here, in addition to the typical winter work such as spinning, spandln and raking teeth or basket weaving also told stories. In order to keep the room warm, it had to be constantly heated and wood replaced. Just try it, how easy or hard is it to make a fire and heat a room?Of course you will also learn about the various customs during the Christmas season and during the winter.Let yourself be enchanted by the special, mysterious atmosphere of the winterly open-air museum and enjoy the tranquil (slightly different) alternative to the hustle and bustle of adventures in the city!Price (from 18 persons):- Entrance fee: € 8,00- Glühmost Historical Adventures. € 5,00